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Joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) has brought so many opportunities for Vietnam. In its globalization and integration trends, Vietnamese companies are trying to make its image more professional. Therefore, working condition and safety workwear are always put on top priority. Let’s us bring you the best provision of safety workwear.



Protective clothing is very important in working safety

Protective clothing sewn with good material is worn while working to protect workers from toxic, spark, chemical splash but also building up the company’s style. On the other hand, it helps to build up company’s style and culture.



Beside protective function, safety workwear is also company’s culture

Manufacture and material standard of safety clothing

1. Material

It depends on usage purpose to select material for safety clothing. For example, to avoid dirt or grease, material like khaki, Korean Pangrim, cotton will be chosen. With hazardous factors, we can use premium material such as fireproof fabric, heat isolated fabric, anti-UV fabric. The above material is gradually put into use to improve working safety.
Safety clothing is to not only protect workers but also play a role of uniform. It helps to build up and unify company’s image.

2. Manufacture

There are four manufacture ways as follow:

+ Industrial manufacture as available sizes from 3 to 9 or as actual size of workers. 
+ Combine colors to make the uniform more stylish, for example, we can combine orange with light grey or green.
+ Combine other material, for example, reflective fabric or different material.
+ Add more details such as pocket on knee (like cargo pants) or on chest in order to make it more convenient for workers.

In addition, we can embroider name, logo to show workers’ department or company.

Protective clothing of Loc An

Casual protective clothing

quan-ao-bao-ho-lao-dong   quan-ao-bao-ho-lao-dong


quan-ao-bao-ho-lao-dong    quan-ao-bao-ho-lao-dong


quan-ao-bao-ho   quan-ao-bao-ho


With more than ten years experience in supplying safety clothing, Loc An is one of the best supplier of protective clothing and devices. If you want to create a professional and safe working condition, let us serve you. Your trust is our value.

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